Step 1 - Enter Your Affiliate Username in the form below and Click "Generate" to automatically generate the banner codes with your Affiliate Link.

Your Affiliate Username:


Manually Replace oxxxo in the banner codes below with your Affiliate Username.

Step 1 - Copy the banner codes of the banner you wish to use on your website (The banner codes are located under each banner)

Step 2 - Paste the banner codes into the HTML source of the page(s) you wish the banner to be displayed on.

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Standard Small (468 x 89)

Standard Banner - (486 x 60)

Standard Large - (728 x 138)

Big Box - (300 x 250)



Box - (160 x 150)



Half-Skyscraper - (160 x 300)



Skyscraper - (160 x 600)



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